“R U gonna be my girl” Kostas + Filio = Zefi


A lot of fun , a good mood and lots of love! Multiply all these feelings by one hundred and you will find out what was Kostas and Filio’s

Wedding like!

It all started a few hours before the wedding ceremony, at the groom’s house where all his friends were dancing and laughing constantly with only a few stops to shave the groom, tease him and help him get dressed according to the custom!

At the bride’s house there were countless pictures of the happy couple hanging on the wall! Imagine how much love a house can hold!

During the wedding ceremony love was all around but later on little Zefi (their love child) drew everyone’s attention to her christening!

After that , all the guests were driven to ‘Ktima Kostopoulou’ where the happy couple danced their first movie like dance and couldn’t stop kissing each other happily!

I can’t find the words to tell you what came about next….you must watch the video to find out!

Filio ,Kostas and Zefi  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!


Kostas + Filio


December 2018




Pan Armeniou


Ktima Kostopoulou


1 December 2018